To become one of the most respected and diversified capital investment and management company in Canada by delivering significant financial returns to shareholders and measurable, innovative, ecologically friendly improvements to communities.

    Leveraging our unique global network to create value for our shareholders through diversified worldwide capital investments and sound management with positive and sustainable impact on the communities in which we operate.
  • Our approach

    Our approach: We believe that in addition to operating a responsible and ethical business, we can make a broader contribution to the communities, regions and nations in which we operate, thereby strengthening society. By strengthening and building more resilient societies, we are helping create a sustainable future.
  • Social investment
    We have a responsibility to make a positive contribution to sustainable development and have a longstanding commitment to social investment - to invest one per cent of our pre-tax profits in programs that aim improve the quality of life for people around the world.

    WAI Capital Investments Corp. is dedicated to uphold the highest standards of integrity, ethics and respect in regards to its investors, employees and the environment through mutual collaboration and loyalty among its investors, employees and the communities in which we operate.
  • WAI Capital Investments Corp.
    Is a global mining company, transforming natural resources into prosperity.
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FAQ - answers to frequently asked questions
General questions
  • What is the WAI Capital Investments Corp.?
    WAI Capital Investments Corp. (WAI) is an early-stage iron ore exploration company working in Guinea, West Africa and publicly listed on Canada’s Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX Venture Exchange – Stock Symbol: WAI). The company is dedicated to the sustainable development of its mineral resources and nurturing a harmonious working relationship with the local community and the Guinean authorities. Advocating the minimization of environmental impact and the promotion of economic opportunity for all our stakeholders, their phased exploration program aims to establish the existence of minable iron ore mineral reserves in sufficient quantities to permit viable production of iron concentrate and other mineral deposits.
  • Who may be a client of WAI?
    Everyone is welcome to be a client of WAI as long as you are not less than 18 years old. The only condition is accepting our terms of service.
  • How can I open an account?
    In order to open an account you only need to have an active E-mail address. Switch to SignUp Page and fill in the require fields. It will take less than a minute. But multiple accounts is not allowed under the same IP,or same e-currency number or just similar,each user can only have one WAI account.We don't accept multiple accounts for same infos. It will be suspended if you do it.
  • Is SignUp with WAI free?
    Yes. SignUp with WAIcapital.com is completely free.
Investment Questions
  • How can I invest with WAI?
    To make a investment you must first become a member of WAI. Just register and create one or several deposits within one or several investment plans. After that you will be receiving profits according to the conditions of the investment plan you choose.
  • What is the risk for my investment?
    There is always a risk of losing the invested funds. For instance, in case negative worldwide procedures occur that are not effectively managed by the management of the firm. But, our team is made up of experts who can foretell such instances and expertly keep away from them. So, the risk of losing investments is extremely low.
Deposit and withdrawal of funds
  • How do I deposit funds into my account?
    We accept all major payment systems: Credit or Debit Card, Bank Wire Transfer, Paypal, Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, Payeer.
    Please note that in order to replenish with Credit or Debit Cards, Bank Transfer and PayPal, it is required to go through the identity verification procedure. Write to us marked "Verification".
  • How long does it take for my deposit to be added to my account?
    Credit or Debit Card, Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, Payeer: Your account will be updated as fast as you deposit.
    Bank Wire Transfer, Paypal: These payment methods can take up to 72 hours.
  • What are the maximum and minimum limits for deposits and withdrawals?
    You can deposit any amount from only 250$ and up to 250,000$ through any payment system. You can withdraw any amount not less than 1$ and maximum withdraw is Unlimited.
  • How can I request a withdraw ?
    To make a request you need to login to your account and click on "Withdraw" in top menu, then fill in the necessary info to complete your withdrawal request.
  • After I make a withdrawal request, when will the funds be available on my e-currency account?
    All withdrawals will be completed and paid instantly. However, this may take longer depending on the chosen payment system.
  • Can I withdraw my earnings to a different e-currency account?
    No, all payments are done in the e-currency of the same payment system that was used for the investment. We do not exchange currencies when paying out in order to avoid dispute and make an balanced conditions for all payment processors.
  • Can I close the deposit early?
    Sorry, you can not. WAIcapital is a long-term investment project.

    UPD (2017-06-03): Due to numerous requests from our investors, we went forward and opened up the possibility of early withdrawal of investments. For this you need:
    1. Invite one or more friends to the project by your referral link.
    2. The referral must replenish his account with $ 250 or more.
    3. Invest in one of our investment plans.
    Within 24 hours you will have the opportunity to withdraw funds to your external account. The interest will be recalculated according to the plan you invested in.
Affiliate program
  • What is the affiliate Program? Where is my referral link?
    Affiliate Program is an opportunity for our members to earn some extra income by inviting other people to open an investment account with waicapital.com. You can earn 4%, 2% or 1% added to your return per each referral that you bring. Your referral link will be available after registration, in your account, on the "Referral System" tab.
  • Can I recommend myself for commission and bonus?
    No, recommending yourself is deemed as a kind of cheating and extremely forbidden in our referral program. You will not get any commission or bonus by recommending yourself. Besides, we may suspend your accounts.
  • Do I need to have active investment in order to participate in your affiliate program?
    No, It is free to earn from our affiliate program without having to make an investment with our company. You only need to open an account and start to promote our site.
Project safety
  • May I open several accounts in your program?
    No. If we find that one member has more than one account, the entire funds will be frozen.
  • What if I can't log into my account because I forgot my password?
    Click "Forgot Password?" link, enter your username or e-mail and your login data will be sent to your e-mail address.
  • ID Verification
    When depositing a WAIcapital internal account with credit or debit cards, bank transfer and paypal, we must comply with the laws of KYC / AML. Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) laws require businesses to verify the identity of their customers. These laws are in place to prevent money laundering or other criminal activities from occurring. Verification of identity is not required for replenishment and withdrawal of Bitcoin, Payeer, Perfect Money.
  • KYC Requirements
    To become WAIcapital.com-verified, we require you to provide a proof of identity, and a proof of address document.

    Proof of Identity
    You may submit a colored scan of any of the following acceptable identification documents:
    • Passport
    • Driver's License
    • National ID card
    • Tax ID
    • Proof of Age ID
    • Professional License ID
    • State ID
    • Voter's ID
    • Postal ID
    • Government-issued Health Cards
    • Other IDs - as long as it is government-issued and has your name, photo, date of birth, signature and the ID's date of issue

    Rules to Remember:
    • The ID should not be expired.
    • The ID should include your name, photo, date of birth, signature, and the ID's date of issue.
    • The ID's details must not be handwritten.
    • The copy should be a high-quality colored image scan or colored digital photo. Photocopies and black and white scans/photos are not acceptable.
    • Image dimensions must be 500 x 300 pixels minimum.
    • The copy must not be cropped and should include all sides and details of the ID.
    • The copy must not be altered or edited in any way.
    • If you are submitting an ID card, please submit its front and back parts.
    • Do not use special characters (i.e. &#@!) in the image's filename so the Verification Team can review the file.
    • Submission of a fake ID will result in account closure and may lead to legal actions.

    Proof of Address
    You can send a color scan of any of the following acceptable documents certifying the address:
    • Bank Statement (issued within the last three months)
    • Utility Bills (issued within the last three months)
    • Income Tax Return (issued within the last year)
    • Residence ID/Permit
    • Notarized Leasing Agreement/Contract (issued within the last year)
    • Passbook (issued within the last year only)
    • Any valid government-issued ID as long as it has your name, current address, photo, date of birth, signature and the ID's issue date.

    Rules to Remember:
    • The document must have your full name and address.
    • The document must clearly display the issuing authority's name, address, and phone number.
    • The document must be a colored scan or colored digital photo. Photocopies and black and white scans/photos are not acceptable.
    • Digital/online copy of documents are accepted (e.g. bank statements, utility bills). Make sure to send the PDF copy, and not a screenshot of it.
    • If the document is an e-bill or e-bank statement, it should not be password-protected.
    • Do not crop the file, adjust its colors, or alter it in any way.
    • Do not use special characters (i.e. &#@!) in the document's filename so the Verification Team can review the file.
    • Submission of a fake document will result in account closure and may lead to legal actions.

    To pass the procedure of identification, please "Contact us" with the note "Verification"