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    Our approach: We believe that in addition to operating a responsible and ethical business, we can make a broader contribution to the communities, regions and nations in which we operate, thereby strengthening society. By strengthening and building more resilient societies, we are helping create a sustainable future.
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    We have a responsibility to make a positive contribution to sustainable development and have a longstanding commitment to social investment - to invest one per cent of our pre-tax profits in programs that aim improve the quality of life for people around the world.

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1. Methods of communication
1.1. WAI Capital Investments Corp. communicates with the Client using:
a) phone number;
b) email;
c) the “News” section on the Company's Website;
d) notification sent via the Personal Account.
1.2. In case of the need for prompt communication with the Client, the Company resorts to contacting the Client’s contact information section, which he indicated during registration in accordance with the requirements of clause 3.4 of these Regulations. The acceptance of the Agreement by the Client automatically agrees to receive messages from the Company at any time.
1.3. Correspondence, namely, confirmations, documents, reports, announcements, notifications, and the like, shall be deemed communicated to the Client:
a) one day later (24 hours) after sending it to the e-mail address of the Client indicated at registration;
b) instantly, in the case of sending notifications through the Personal Account;
c) instantly, if the advertisement is placed in the “News” section on the Company's website;
d) since the end of the phone number conversation with the Client.
1.4. The Client is obliged to inform the Company in a timely manner about any changes to the contact information with the help of the opportunity to change it in the Personal Account or in any other way provided by the Company.
1.5. The Client, being familiar with these provisions and accepting them, is aware that in case of detection of incorrect behavior in the process of communication with an employee of the Company, the latter has the right to cancel the contract with the Client unilaterally.
1.6. In the case when the Client has detected an error in the process of performing the operation, he is obliged to file a claim in accordance with clause 10 of the current Regulations.
1.7. If an error is made in favor of the Client in the course of the operation, he is obliged to inform the Company about this incident as soon as possible by contacting the staff through the “Contacts” section on the Company Site.

2. The procedure for crediting the Client’s “virtual account” of his money.
2.1. The process of providing services to the Client by the Company begins from the moment when the Client replenishes the “virtual account” in the Personal Account of the project on the Company's Website. Replenishment is carried out by transferring funds to the Company's accounts by any of the methods available on the Company's Website.
2.2. The transaction of funds into the Company's accounts made by the Client must comply with the legal and economic requirements of the country under whose jurisdiction the transfer takes place.
2.3. The amounts credited to the Company's account are displayed on the “virtual account” of the Client. The Client, when signing the Agreement / Agreement or at the time of accepting the Offer, automatically agrees that commission fees and other costs arising in the process of transferring funds in the chosen direction will be paid at the expense of the Client.
2.4. The “virtual account” of the Company displays the balance in US dollars (USD). In this case, the replenishment of the “virtual account” can be made in any convenient currency. In case the currency of replenishment differs from the base currency of the Project (USD), it will be converted according to the USA bank rate. The course on the project is permanent.
2.5. The company reserves the right to limit the minimum and maximum amount to be credited to a “virtual account”.
2.6. In the process of crediting funds, the Company undertakes not to charge any additional fees from the Client, except as provided for in these Regulations.
2.7. On the “virtual account” of the Client, the funds credited to the Company's Accounts begin to be displayed no later than the end of the operational one, following the day of the immediate replenishment of the Company's Account.
2.8. In the case when the funds sent by the digital transfer did not start to be displayed on the “virtual account” within 2 (two) business days, the Client should contact the Company with a request to investigate this fact. At the same time, the Client agrees that in the course of the investigation additional commission charges may arise, which will be reimbursed at the expense of the Client in a separate order by means of additional crediting of funds to the Company Account or by deducting the required amount from the Client’s funds.
2.9. In order to initiate an investigation if the Company does not receive a digital transfer, the Client must issue a request that meets the requirements of section 10 of the current Schedule, and also provide an extract from the payment system or a photo of the transfer, notice of payment, which serves as evidence of the physical transfer of funds to the Company's accounts.

3. Ways to replenish the Client's Account
3.1. With the help of digital translation.
3.1.1. The client can make an increase in the amount of funds in the “virtual account” at any time using any of the virtual payment systems, provided the Company maintains the replenishment using this system at the time of payment.
3.1.2. Digital transfer of funds to the Company's accounts must be made from the Client’s personal digital account.
3.1.3. Before making a transfer, the Client is obliged to verify the details of the receipt in the Personal Account for correct transfer.
3.1.4. By signing the Agreement / Contract or by accepting the Offer, the Client agrees that the Company is not responsible for the duration of the digital transfer. The Company is also not liable in case of technical failures during the transfer if they occur due to the fault of the payment system, and not the Company.

4. The algorithm changes the amount of funds for the "virtual account" Client.
4.1. The client may at any time issue an order regarding all or part of the funds for its "virtual account".
4.2. The conditions that are required to comply with in order to reduce the amount of funds for the "virtual account" Client:
a) each team, as well as data for withdrawals must comply with all requirements and restrictions that are established by the legislation of the countries under whose jurisdiction the transfer takes place;
b) each team, as well as data for withdrawal, must fully comply with the requirements and restrictions established by this Regulation and the public Offer Agreement concluded between the Client and the Company.
4.3. The client draws up an application to withdraw funds to your account in US dollars (USD).
4.4. The withdrawal rate, as well as the size of commissions and other costs for each of the methods of withdrawal of funds corresponds to the rate of USA Bank on the day of the operation.
4.5. The minimum amount for withdrawal is $ 500. The maximum amount for withdrawal is limited only by the total amount of funds in the “virtual account” of the Client.
4.6. When signing the Agreement / Agreement, as well as when accepting the Offer, the Client agrees that the commission and other costs that may arise when implementing the chosen transfer method are paid by the Client.
4.7. The Company undertakes not to charge additional fees and other costs from the transfer of the Client in the process of debiting funds, with the exception of these, provided for in these Regulations.
4.8. Withdrawals from the “virtual account” of the Client are made in the event that the Company receives an application for withdrawing funds from the Client.
4.9. The company automatically accepts orders for execution if they were created by the Client through the Personal Account.
4.10. Any order other than that described in clause 6.9 of these Regulations will not be accepted by the Company for execution.
4.11. An application for withdrawal of funds, formed before Friday 19:00 GMT, will be executed on the next Monday, that is, within one working day.
4.12. If the funds sent by digital transfer are not credited to the Client’s account within 2 business days, he should contact the Company to investigate the lack of funds. The company has the right to provide, as evidence of the transfer, an extract from the payment system with which the transfer was made.
4.13. By signing the Agreement / Contract or accepting the Offer, the Client agrees that the investigation may require the ordering of additional documents, as a result of which new commission costs may be credited to the Client’s account. Payment of these costs can be made by transferring the required amount to the Company's accounts or by deducting the amount from the Client's account.
4.14. In the event that the absence of crediting of money to the Customer’s External Account occurred as a result of an error by an employee of the Company, all costs and additional costs for rectifying the situation will be paid by the Company.
4.15. If the Client makes an error in filling out the payment details in the process of initiating the withdrawal of funds, which resulted in non-crediting of funds to the External Account of the Client, all costs received as a result of resolving the situation will be deducted from the Client's account.

5. Methods used to write off funds
5.1. Through digital translation.
5.1.1. The client can send a request for withdrawal of funds using a digital transfer, if at the time of the order the Company supports this type of transfer.
5.1.2. The client must apply for withdrawal of funds to his personal account.
5.1.3. The Company undertakes to send funds to the Client's Account, based on the details specified in the order in the Personal Account.
5.1.4. When signing the Agreement / Contract or accepting the Offer, the Client agrees that the Company accepts responsibility for the timing of the transfer, as well as for the circumstances that caused a technical failure in the transfer process, which arose through the fault of the Company.
5.1.5. Unless another option is provided for by the current Regulations, Agreement / Agreement or the Offer, funds are withdrawn to the Customer’s External Account exclusively to those payment systems from which the Customer’s “virtual account” was replenished.
5.1.6. The client has the right to change the details of the wallet at its discretion independently at any time.

6. Selection of the Investment Plan with the reflection of the funds transferred by the Client to the “virtual account” in the Personal Account.
6.1. The transfer of funds is made in the appropriate section of the Personal Cabinet.
6.2. In the process of making a transfer, the Client is free to choose an Investment Plan from the list of current at the time of making a decision.
6.2.1. The terms of the Investment Plan regulate the minimum and maximum amount of funds for processing a transfer (hereinafter - the “Deposit”)
6.2.2. From the moment the Deposit is made by the Client, its conditions are not subject to change until the expiration date of the Investment Plan.
6.3. The company reserves the right to create new Investment Plans, as well as change the conditions of existing ones. At the same time, the Company undertakes to notify the Client 7 days prior to the effective date of the change using any of the notification methods described in section 3 of the current Schedule.
6.4. The procedure for making a Deposit by the Client:
a) The client, having familiarized himself with the terms and conditions of all existing Investment Plans, chooses one of them;
b) further, in the appropriate field of the form, which is filled in when making a Deposit, the Client enters the amount that he plans to invest, which should be no less than that regulated by the terms of this Investment Plan and no more than the aggregate of all Client’s available funds in a “virtual account”.
6.5. The Client's application submitted for execution of the Deposit by 19:00 GMT on Fridays is due on the following Monday at 00:00 GMT. From the moment of execution of the application, the Deposit shall be deemed executed for the period specified in the Investment Plan.
6.6. The client has the right to withdraw funds from the Deposit ahead of schedule. At the same time, the Client is obliged to invite one or several friends to the project (hereinafter referred to as the “Referral”) with the help of his referral link, which is located in the Personal Account. The referral must open a deposit of $ 500 or more. Accrued interest will be recalculated on the day of closing the Deposit.
6.7. The date indicated in the column “expiration” is the last day of the Deposit. It closes automatically upon expiration.
6.8. After the end of the term of the Deposit, the funds invested, as well as all profits received according to the Investment Plan are credited to the Client's Account. The deposit is considered CLOSED, and the Client is free to dispose of the funds at its own discretion.
6.9. In the case when AUTOLONGATION is installed in the Deposit, after it ends, the next day it will be open again. If REINVESTING is established - the received profit will be included in the amount of the new Deposit, otherwise all profits will be transferred to the Client's Account.

7. Terms of use of the Personal Cabinet
7.1. The Client, when signing the Agreement / Contract or when accepting the Offer, agrees with all clauses of the current Regulations governing the use of the Personal Cabinet.
7.2. During the registration process on the Company's Website, the Client undertakes to provide accurate and reliable information that allows you to identify the person. All information must comply with the requirements of the registration form on the Company's Website.
7.3. The client is obliged to promptly notify the Company of any changes in identification data.
7.4. To identify the Client, the Company has the right to request from the Client copies of identity documents. The Company reserves the right to suspend all operations with the “virtual account” of the Client, in case of revealing the fact of incorrect display of the Client’s identification data or their inaccuracy, as well as in the event of the Client’s refusal to submit the required documents.
7.5. Login to your Personal Account must be password protected.
7.5.1. The Client, when signing the Agreement / Agreement or accepting the Offer, agrees with the fact that access to the Personal Account will be possible only with the introduction of the password set by the Client during registration.
7.5.2. The client is solely responsible for maintaining the password and protecting it against unauthorized access by third parties.
7.5.3. Any order made through the Personal Account after entering the password is automatically considered personally executed by the Client.
7.5.4. Any person who logs into the Personal Account after entering the password is accepted as the Client.
7.5.5. The Company does not accept responsibility for any possible loss of the Client, which he suffered as a result of theft due to the loss or disclosure of the password to third parties.
7.6. The client has the right to change the password for access to the Personal Cabinet on his own at any time, or use the password recovery function.

8. Procedure for investigating translations and resolving disputes
8.1. In case of a disputed situation, the Client is entitled to make a claim to the Company or create a request for an investigation procedure on the fact of the absence of a transfer. In both cases, the request must be submitted no later than 5 (five) business days from the moment the dispute arises.
8.2. The time of occurrence of a disputable situation that is considered to be reporting for filing a claim should be the time when the entry appeared in the Personal Area.
8.3. To initiate an investigation of a dispute, the Client must perform the following actions:
a) send a claim to the Company's mailbox;
8.4. Claim should not contain:
a) an emotional assessment of the situation;
b) offensive statements made to the Company.
8.5. In the course of the investigation into the absence of transfer, the Company has the right to request from the Client the documents necessary for work.
8.6. The company reserves the right to reject the claim if it does not comply with the conditions of the 10th section of the current Regulation.

9. Criteria and signs of identifying suspicious non-trading operations.
9.1. The company has the right to recognize the operation as doubtful in the following cases:
a) identification of cases of abuse of remittances without making a Deposit;
b) identifying operations that are unusual in nature, have no economic meaning or a legitimate purpose;
c) identifying the circumstances giving the right to assume that operations are carried out with the aim of legalizing (laundering) illegal proceeds or with the aim of financing terrorism.
d) in case the Client does not provide his identifying information, submission of deliberately inaccurate information and / or non-confirmation of the presence of the Client at designated addresses and phone numbers;
e) in the case of providing invalid or false documents;
9.2. The above operations are identified by the Company's employees through daily subjective analysis.
9.3. The signs and criteria used to identify transactions of doubtful nature from clause 2.1 are not mandatory, as well as unique. The recognition of the operation as questionable is based on an analysis of the circumstances of the operation, its nature and the nature of its components.
9.4. Upon detection of transactions of doubtful nature, the Company makes a decision on the nature of further actions with respect to the Client.

10. Conclusion
10.1. The current regulations are designed to take measures aimed at combating financial abuse, detecting and preventing violations in the legislative sphere and are used to fix the order in which non-trading operations are performed in the Client Accounts of WAI Capital Investments Corp. (further - the Company).
10.2. The Client guarantees that the funds transferred to the Company's Account are legal and the Client owns them legally.
10.3. In case of revealing the doubtful nature of the operation, the Company has the right to conduct an investigation in accordance with the procedure established by the Law of the client’s country of residence.
10.4. When conducting an investigation based on clause 1.3 of the current Regulations, the Company may request from the Customer payment, identification and other documents confirming the legality of owning funds, as well as the legality of their origin.
10.5. In identifying suspicious transactions The Company has the right to:
a) refuse to conduct this operation for the Client;
b) limit, at the discretion of the Company, withdrawal of funds from the “virtual account” of the Client in any convenient way;
c) terminate any further relationship with the Client.
10.6. In the event that the Company refuses to conduct suspicious operations and terminates all relations with the Client, this cannot be the basis for civil liability for breach of contract terms.
10.7. The Company reserves the right to make changes to the provisions of the current Regulations unilaterally with a preliminary (five working days) notification of the Client about the occurrence of changes using the Company's website. All amendments are effective from the moment. Indicated in the notification, but not earlier than after 5 days.
10.8. The current regulation is open and is an integral part of any contracts concluded between the Client and the Company.
10.9. In case of disagreement in certain points of the current Regulations and the Public Offer Agreement, the provisions of the current Regulations take precedence. This circumstance does not lead to invalidity for other provisions of the Treaty.
10.10. The content of these Regulations may be disclosed without restriction when responding to a request from any interested person.